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October 31 2015


We will have a spring camp in April  and a summer camp in July.  Watch the website and facebook for more details.  Starting 2016 we will only take cash or credit/debit cards.  There will not be a convenience charge to use the card this year.  

The all city sports banquet at the Osage Center will be on Jan. 22 2016.  If you want to go you will have to buy your tickets at the Arena Building.  I don't know when they go on sale yet.  We will be giving out awards for team of the year, coach of the year, and player of the year.  I will let your coaches know and they will notify you if you are nominated.  I will also post it on the website and on facebook.  Keep checking back.

Game Recap

It was a wet day for our championship day.  In the Jr. division consolation game we had the 49ers winning over the Panthers. In the Sr. Division consolation game the Eagles beat the Falcons.  In the championship games the Ravens stayed undefeated against the Broncos and the Seahawks also stayed undefeated against the Broncos.  




    Oct 19, 2015

    This Saturday is our Academy Sports and Outdoors Championship Day.  We are donating water to the High School Football team for letting us use the football field for the day.  If you are able to bring a case of water to help the team that would be great.  

    After the game each player will be expected to turn in their helmet, shoulder pads, and pants to their coach.  You get to keep the jersey.  Make sure you have an extra change of clothes for this day.  

    Gates will open at 8:00 am and games will start at 9:00 am.  We will have a lot going on that day.  We will still be taking donations for breast cancer awareness until 2:00.  After that we will start drawing for the prizes.  You do not have to be present to win.  In the senior games at half time we will ask the retiring 6th grade parents to come onto the field and be introduced with their player.  At 12:30 we would like all former players and coaches to come out onto the field to be recognized at that time. During all of the games until half time of the senior division championship game, we will be selling 50/50 tickets.  

    This week the coaches will be handing out voluntary surveys for parents to fill out and turn back in on Saturday.  

    Game Day Recap

    Oct 19, 2015

    For October 11. In the early game the Seahawks were in the toughest battle yet for them.  The Eagles defense gave up 14 points in the 2nd quarter but that turned out to be all the points that the Seahawks needed to win.  Final Seahawks 14 Eagles 0.  In the junior division game it was almost an identical game as the Dolphins scored in the 2nd quarter to hang on to win 14-0 over the Panthers.  In the second games of the day we had some good one as well.  The Broncos scored in the 2nd and 4th quarters to win 13-6.  The 49ers jumped out to an early lead but couldn't hang on.  Ravens win 28-12.

    Oct. 18

    This week has a lot of implications for the championship day for the junior division. If the Dolphins win they are in the championship game.  If the Dolphins lose and the Panthers lose then the 49ers are in. If the Dolphins lose and the Panthers win then the Panthers are in the championship game. 

    In the senior division we have previews for the championship games.  In the early senior game the Eagles faced off against the Falcons.  The Eagles scored in all 4 quarters today and only allowed a safety in the 4th quarter.  Eagles gave the Falcons their 5th lost of the season by the score of Eagles 27 Falcons 2.  In the other senior division game The Seahawks scored early and often with their defense pitching a shut out.  Seahawks gets number 1 seed with a 40-0 win over the Broncos.  In the junior division with a lot riding on the game the Dolphins are taking on the 49ers.  The Dolphins scored in the first quarter.  The 49ers defense didn't give up any more points until the 4th quarter.  Their offense couldn't get the ball in the end zone against the Dolphins defense.  Dolphins win and clinch 2nd seed with a win Dolphins 12- 49ers 0.  The Ravens clinched a number 1 seed last week didn't leave anything to wonder about why they were number 1 seed this week. In the 1st half they kept the throttle on scoring 4 times.  The Panthers defense held them to only 6 points in the second half.  Final score 30-0 Ravens.


    9:00 4 Panthers vs 3 49ers

    1:00 2 Dolphins vs 1 Ravens


    11:00 4 Falcons vs 3 Eagles

    3:00 2 Broncos vs 1 Seahawks


    Pink out day is coming to CYTF.  On October 11 will be our pink out day.  All of the kids have received pink socks, arm bands, and shoe strings.  October is breast cancer awareness month. CYTF and Southeast Health will be taking donations at our games at Shawnee Park.  Games are at 1:30 and 3:30.  We will have a booth set up by the concession stand.  At the stand you will be able you see what prizes you will be able to win at our Academy Sports and Outdoors Championship day.  All donations will stay local so come out and donate to a great cause.  On October 11 will be the league's pink out day.  Every on is encourage to wear pink on the day.


    Game Day Recap

    Another great day for football. The early games started out with the Panthers taking on the Dolphins.  This game was very close all the way up to the 4th quarter.  The Dolphins scored 2 times in the fourth and holding the Panthers out of the end zone to win 18-6.  In the senior division the Seahawks were taking on the Eagles.  The Seahawks got on the board first and often. The Eagles fought the whole game but couldn't put any points on the board.  Seawhawks won 43-0.

    In the second games of the day the games were a lot closer.  In the junior division the 49er's jumped on the board first.The Ravens kept fighting but the 49er's defense held them for scoring until late in the fourth quarter.  When the Ravens scored they decided to go for 2 and got it.  The Ravens won 8-6.  The senior division had the Broncos taking on the Falcons. The Falcons moved the ball up the field but couldn't get it in the end zone.  The Broncos took the lead and never gave it up .  Broncos won 19-0.



    There will be a parent's meeting on Tuesday 9/22 at 7:00 between the fields.  

    The four teams that will be scrimmaging at Houck are

    Panthers vs Ravens and Seahawks vs Broncos.

    We will have Semo tickets on sale for the 9/26 for the scrimmage for $5 for adults and kids 14 and under will be free with an adult. We will tailgate that day starting at 10:00 am.  At 12:15 we will all walk in together. At this time the coaches will take the boys on the field to join in the rock and lock with semo.  If your child is playing in the scrimmage they need to wear their pants to the game.  They can change  after half time.  

    Oct 11 we will be having a pink out day.  We are teaming up with Southeast Health for this event.  You will be able donate on this day and with a donation you will be enter into a drawing for give aways.

    On Oct. 17 we will be walking in the homecoming parade. More details to come later.

    Oct. 24 will be championship day.  We are asking all alumni to come at 12:30 and join us on the field.  Also at half time of the senior division games we will introduce all of the retiring players with their parents.


    Game Day Recap

    What a great day to play football. Sunday started our 35th annual season with some outstanding games. The early games started out with Coach Francis and the Seahawks taking on Coach Frentress and the Falcons. The Seahawks got on the board early and often in the first half. The Falcons didn't give and held them from scoring in the second half. The first half was just too much to overcome and the Seahawks won 37-0. In the junior division Coach Dane and the Panthers took on Coach Bruce and the 49ers. This was probably the lowest scoring game in CYTF history. Both teams brought their A game on defense this week. The Panthers got a late safety to earn the win. 
    In the second senior game it was Coach Demardrae and the Eagles taking on Coach Steve and the Broncos. This was a great game as well with the Broncos scoring first on an interception for a touchdown. The Eagles never got down and battled back. With no time on the clock the Eagles scored to to make it 20-21 Broncos. Coach Demardrae decided to go for the win and attempt a 2 pt conversion. The Broncos had a great defensive stand to win the game 21-20. In the junior division we had Coach Rodney and the Ravens taking on Coach Michael and the Dolphins.  This was a very close game for three quarters. The Ravens took the game over in the fourth quarter to win 28-9.


    Sunday is Game Time

    Are you Ready for some Football?  

    Sunday will be our first games of the season.  This day is very busy. First thing we will be taking pictures before the games.  Here is the picture schedule.

    Inter-State Studio
    Photography Times Scheduling Sheet
    Time Team One Team Two
    12:30 PM Seahawks Falcons
    1:00 PM 49er's Panthers
    1:30 PM Eagles Broncos
    2:00 PM Ravens Dolphins



    This game is the only time that each team will play each other.  The winner of the game will scrimmage at Houck Stadium at half time when SEMO plays Shorter.  The game is Sept 26 at 1:00.  We are asking all players to come to this.  We are tailgating before the game.  All parents and players will need to bring is something to drink.  We will walk in all together.  All of the players will get to participate in getting the Redhawks on the field with Semo's tradition the Lock and Rock.  I have tickets on sale now for the game for $5 a piece.  Kids 14 and under are free.  We do ask that a  parent come to the game with their child.  CYTF coaches and staff are at the game to have a good time not to watch another child.